Your Vision and The Thief

The Lord has been teaching me and showing me from the things I’ve been going through;

about the calling on my life.

postThe thief does not come except to steal, to kill and to destroy . John 10:10a. When does the thief come? When you’re not looking!!! The thief is sneaky and quiet. He does’t want you to suspect a thing! So he sneaks up in when you’re not looking, you’ve got your guard down or you’re vulnerable.

The thief wants to steal your vision. You know the one the Lord has given to you. Maybe you’ve never shared it with anyone, but you know what it is. You’ve probably had someone come up to you and even say something to you, encouraging you, all the while wondering, how could this person possibly know.

With the unexpected death of our oldest son, I laid down my dreams; my life. I wished and wondered many times why him and not me, but while that may be normal or even part of the grieving process-that never does any good….back to my topic…….

One day the Pastor’s wife of our church asked me to help her and another lady write a curriculum for the worship ministry for our church. I thought to myself, she doesn’t know my music or ministry background. Hmm….I was amused, elated and baffled! It had been a long time since  I had been involved in worship ministry. And  oh my, this is where my heart is.

The day for our meeting and planning arrives and I have fallen into a million pieces!!! I’m crying and praying, Lord you have got to help me!  It was through this I felt like the Lord put his finger right on this: When my son died this this part of ministry of my life died too. I laid it down at the same time and walked away. You see, Justin, my son, was involved in worship at a church while I was leading worship at another church. One week prior to his death I felt an urgency to lay it down. Something I’ve never felt before. The following week my husband, family and I were with Justin at his church worshiping with him as he played on the drums. Little did we know this would be our last Sunday of worshiping together.

So even though the enemy has stolen from me, the Lord has restored my vision of worship ministry. All because the Pastor’s wife said “the Lord highlighted you.”  God is faithful. Don’t give up!

He wants to restore your dreams.

Blessings to you as you live your life on purpose!


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