Sometimes I just have to laugh when I realize all of the ways God speaks to me. He has such a sense of humor!

At the beginning of this year, he said, “Donna, I want you to be more childlike.”

Perhaps he is saying that to you too!

He said this year will be a year of wonder and amusement. Well, he wasn’t kidding! I truly am amazed and this year is only half over, or I should say, it just began 5 months ago.

One of the ways He speaks to me is through nature.

I was sitting at my piano, playing and worshiping the Lord in song, and as I was playing prophetically, one of our peacocks came to the window, flew up on a bird feeder and perched there. It was like he was encouraging me. Never before had, or sense has this happened.

My granddaughter named him Spirit, and I believe he was living up to his name.

At the time, I needed encouragement and I believe this was God’s way of encouraging me that day.

I’m writing this to encourage you to pay attention…..God is speaking to you. Are you listening?

Another example is just today, I have been prayerfully considering going to Arkansas. I have been asked to speak at a woman’s retreat. Tonight I was talking with my husband about it, and he was fine. He even suggested that I fly out there.

On my way home from town, I couldn’t help but notice that every red light was green! Every traffic light!! I felt the Lord confirming this trip.

I honestly cannot remember getting so many green lights on my home. It just doesn’t happen!

This might seem silly to some people, but God is speaking.

Are you listening?

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