blue and black butterfly on green leaves    I dreamed that Marie St. Claire was going to do a makeover. My friend Victoria                                                                                            was watching her…her client was sitting in the chair. I was sitting to the side of the lady getting the makeover.  As Victoria started, the lady’s hair was very long. When the brush slipped and hit the floor, I picked it up and accidentally bumped the lady as I handed it back to Victoria. The lady was very rude! I apologize to her for bumping into her.The lady wants her handbag highlighted for something she’s doing. So the makeover gives her a shorter hairstyle and sideburns, and a beard! Immediately, I hear the word “Authority”.The lady hates it! She gripes and complains until every bit of it is undone! I speak up and tell her…just because you have money doesn’t give you the right to be so rude and treat people the way you do.Her beard is now gone and her hair is shaved.This dream is telling us that there’s a makeover coming to the church, but there is a religious spirit that will cause a rebellion among God’s people. This will happen because this move of God will look different! It will feel different! It will be a place where the people of God will know their authority but there will be those who refuse to accept it because it looks funny or it looks awkward! But it will be God’s doing.  The shaving of the woman’s head represents the glory leaving the church that does not accept the new move of God in this new era.Lord, help us recognize you and not dismiss your new move.

I believe the 40 days of quarantine that we’re coming out of, is a shedding of the old ways. Like a caterpillar sheds it’s chrysalis before it becomes a beautiful butterfly. There’s a new birthing taking place. We can choose to change and move into the new position the Lord has for us, or we can choose to go back to the old. The old is familiar and comfortable but you don’t grow there. In the new there is a stretching with the Lord and you’ll find that you grow as you lean into him. We have all been stretched through this quarantine in many different ways. Let’s continue to trust God in his leading. He will lead us with his love.

Beloved let us love one another. 1 John 4:7


Blessings to you and your family as we move into this new era,


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